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Marketing for a brand is much like playing God, creating a world.

And as much as any natural ecosystem depends on a balanced functioning of its tiniest constituents, a brand can’t remain healthy without a complex approach to each brand attribute.

At CHU AGENCY we recognize, that 360° marketing is the only type of marketing that exists. Delivering separate services without understanding their role in the brand ecosystem can’t deliver maximal effectiveness in the long run. That is why we have developed our expertise in a complex approach to brand development:

  •      Research

Know your environment: Using industrial data sources and research we develop an understanding of category perspectives on the market, consumers’ attitude and business potential of different market segments.

Know your enemy: Competitive SWOT analysis of current market rivals in all possible aspects, including product features, positioning, image and promotion, gives us an understanding of what we’re up against.

Know yourself: Fair comparison of our strengths and weaknesses to those of our competitors helps us to set a starting point for brand evolution.

  •      Brand positioning

While the abundance of products and services of today rarely allows to come up with a unique proposition for a choosy consumer, there are still a lot of unoccupied niches in what is called THE VALUE of the brand.

It is not the direct benefit – it is the feeling, that a brand delivers.

Our creative team will lead you through all stages of brand personality development – from Big Idea and ideology to tactical manifestations of brand strengths and weaknesses.

  •      Strategy

Defined short-term and long-term goals – are the starting point of any strategy. Our strategy – is a handbook, that reveals the necessary instruments and steps for a healthy brand development towards target KPI, including target audiences, media touchpoints, performance prognosis, marketing calendar, etc.

  •      Advertising

To back up the brand strategy with top-class execution we have created and in-house media planning/buying departments, specializing in all kinds of media – online, offline, BTL, non-standards, sponsorships, etc.

  •      Results-driven decisions

Business results are the main drivers for marketing decisions. That is why in our work we don’t separate agency KPI from client’s KPI. Having one shared target – is the only way to properly set all the agency’s efforts in a required direction.