In a strategic move that hints at long-term prospects, Apple has entered into a new agreement with Arm, extending the chip supply partnership “through 2040.” This information is contained in Arm’s recently filed initial public offering documents, shedding light on a potentially momentous collaboration in the world of technology.

Arm, a company synonymous with the intellectual property underlying the computing architecture of most smartphones, has filed pricing information for the IPO. The ambitious deal, which aims to raise $52 billion, will be the largest such transaction in the U.S. this year. SoftBank Group, which owns Arm, intends to offer 95.5 million American depositary shares in the British technology company, with share prices ranging from US$47 to US$51, Arm’s IPO documents said.

Apple, one of the world’s technology giants, uses Arm’s technology to build its own chips for iconic devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac. This partnership is the foundation for delivering advanced performance, energy efficiency and user-friendly interactions across Apple’s entire product line.

The history of the relationship between these two technology titans runs deep. Apple, founded in 1976, has had a symbiotic relationship with Arm since its earliest days. In 1993, Apple released the Newton Pocket PC, a revolutionary device featuring an Arm-based processor chip. Although the Newton eventually faded into history, Arm chip technology began its ascent to dominance in the world of mobile devices. Known for their energy efficiency, Arm chips paved the way for improved battery life in smartphones and other portable devices.

In a show of confidence, Apple, along with other major technology players, invested a staggering $735 million in Arm’s IPO. Reuters reported the news last week, confirming Apple’s participation as one of the strategic investors willing to buy Arm shares.

Notably, this latest agreement between Apple and Arm, expanding their chip supply partnership, was not disclosed in the original Arm IPO documents released on August 21. This suggests that the deal was struck between that date and September 5 and caught the tech world by surprise.

With the technology landscape evolving at an ever faster pace, Apple and Arm’s expanded partnership provides a glimpse into the future. It underscores Apple’s commitment to leverage Arm’s advanced technology to further push the boundaries of innovation and performance in its products.

Arm has not disclosed details, and Apple has not yet officially commented on the matter. Nevertheless, the implications of this expanded partnership could reverberate throughout the tech industry as the world looks forward to more breakthroughs from two of the most influential players.