The European smartphone landscape witnessed an 11% contraction in the third quarter of 2023, marking the lowest sales since 2011, according to Counterpoint Research. Amidst this downturn, Realme faced the steepest decline, while Apple’s iPhone sales dipped only slightly, surpassing Xiaomi. Notably, Honor emerged as the sole player in the top five to exhibit growth.

In Western Europe, a marginal recovery was observed from the preceding quarter, attributed in part to the launches of Apple’s iPhone 15 and Samsung’s Galaxy Flip5. Conversely, challenging macroeconomic conditions persisted in the eastern part of the continent, shaping a demanding market landscape.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers Tecno and Infinix made significant strides in Russia, growing by 192% and 518%, respectively. Meanwhile, Honor, the former Huawei subsidiary, defied the market trend, recording an 8% increase in smartphone sales compared to the same quarter last year, securing a 3% overall market share.

Samsung, despite retaining a leadership position with a 32% market share, experienced a 15% sales decline. Apple, with a mere 3% decrease in iPhone sales, not only weathered the market downturn but also gained a 2% market share, reaching 24%. Xiaomi maintained a 22% share, retaining its dominance in Eastern Europe with a 35% market control, despite a 13% drop in sales.

The competitive dynamics in the European smartphone market underscore the nuanced challenges faced by industry giants, with Apple’s resilience, Honor’s growth, and Xiaomi’s steadfast presence shaping the narrative amid a broader decline. The Q4 outlook remains pivotal as players strategize to navigate the evolving market landscape.