In a groundbreaking development, Google has unveiled an AI-powered image generator within its renowned search engine, making image creation accessible and seamless for users. However, this feature is currently limited to users in the United States who are 18 years or older and have enrolled in the Google Labs and Search Generative Experience (SGE) program.

This innovative functionality eliminates the need to resort to third-party platforms for image generation. To harness its potential, users simply enter a text hint, and within seconds, the AI system crafts a visually striking image. These generated images can be conveniently saved to Google Drive or downloaded directly to users’ devices.

A noteworthy extension of this feature is the ability to create images within Google Images itself. Furthermore, users can employ Google Lens to embark on a quest for real images based on the AI-generated visuals, taking visual search to a new level.

However, certain restrictions govern the usage of this technology. Notably, generating images of celebrities or creating photorealistic human faces is prohibited. These measures are intended to maintain the ethical and responsible use of AI-generated imagery.

To explore these new capabilities, users can locate the feature under the “Labs” tab, denoted by a flask icon, in the Google app available on iOS, Android, and Chrome desktop. As an added layer of transparency and accountability, images created through this system will be clearly marked with a SynthID watermark, signifying their AI-generated origin.

Google’s foray into AI-powered image generation signifies a remarkable shift in the way users interact with technology, emphasizing both creativity and responsibility in the age of artificial intelligence. While the service is currently limited to a specific user base, it may offer a glimpse into the future of visual search and creative tools available to a global audience.