SoftBank Group’s visionary founder, Masayoshi Son, is embarking on a colossal mission to secure a staggering $100 billion in funding for a groundbreaking venture, codenamed Izanagi. This ambitious project seeks to revolutionize the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape by establishing a formidable presence in the production of cutting-edge AI chips, placing itself in direct competition with industry giant Nvidia.

The move comes at a pivotal time for SoftBank, which is strategically pivoting away from its extensive startup investments. Instead, Son envisions a future where the focus is on carving a niche in the AI hardware domain. Izanagi, named after the Japanese god of creation and life, reflects Son’s aspirations for the project, even incorporating the initials of “general artificial intelligence.”

Under one of the considered scenarios, SoftBank is set to contribute $30 billion, with the remaining $70 billion potentially sourced from institutions in the Middle East. If successful, this endeavor would mark one of the most significant investments in AI since the inception of transformative models like ChatGPT. To put it in perspective, this surpasses Microsoft’s recent commitment of over $10 billion in OpenAI.

The lack of explicit details on the project’s funding allocation and expenditure has left industry experts and enthusiasts eagerly anticipating further insights. Sources close to the matter reveal that Son is actively formulating various investment ideas and strategies. His overarching goal is to fortify Arm Holdings’ foothold in the AI market by establishing a chip factory dedicated to AI innovation.

The venture’s significance lies not only in its financial magnitude but also in the potential disruption it poses to the current AI chip landscape. SoftBank’s entry into this domain introduces a formidable competitor to Nvidia, the reigning champion in high-end AI processing.

As Son navigates the intricate terrain of funding and partnerships, the tech world watches attentively. The quest for supremacy in AI chip development, fueled by Izanagi’s colossal investment, could reshape the dynamics of the AI industry and herald a new era of innovation. The emergence of a worthy contender to Nvidia’s dominance may well mark a turning point in the evolution of artificial intelligence.