RevSure.AI, a fueled AI startup raised $3.5 million in a seed round to transform B2B pipeline readiness. The round was led by Innovation Endeavors, along with angel investors Catherine Ribant, Sharat Keshav Narayan and Rick Scanlon.

Founded in 2021, Delaware-based Deepinder Singh Dhingra has created a first-of-its-kind trade pipeline preparation solution to connect marketing and sales channels.
“From a product perspective, there are a lot of revenue analytics solutions to help you convert your sales channel, with smaller solutions that generate quality leads. Many B2B companies struggle with driving revenue growth. Because there are other revenue analytics tools for conversions, they are not generating enough pipeline, failing to meet revenue targets,” Singh says.

The sales pipeline is scheduled to launch this September.

The CEO adds: “While there are revenue analysis tools for pipeline conversion and sales forecasting, the information about pipeline creation came later. Creating marketing, SPP and sales pipelines is becoming the Bermuda Triangle of pipeline leakage – that’s the gap we’re trying to fill.”

The company aims to help B2B SaaS companies improve their pipeline readiness with unprecedented visibility. In an August 2022 survey, 57% of respondents said their sales pipeline was below target, while 59% of respondents said their marketing-driven pipeline was below target.

RevSure is an AI-powered company that aims to reduce the uncertainty around revenue conversations by helping companies increase qualified opportunities in their pipeline solutions.