1. Don’t be hard to find.

Have you ever opened an internet browser, searched for a company, and didn’t find its website? In today’s digital environment, this is a strong red flag for both customers and your future employees. So if you want to attract the right talent to your business, you need to focus on your communications strategy and best practices for the perfect customer acquisition.

2. Mobilise your current inner network.

You certainly have emails of all your existing employees. They are already an excellent source of potential candidates available to you as they understand company culture, know the challenges, and can champion the benefits of working for your practice. They are also likely to know many people with similar attributes to those that make your current employees such an asset. Create an employee referral program online and send out an email to all your employers offering lucrative dividends. This encourages your best employees to introduce the best talent they know to you and it can be easily managed, digitally.

3. Speak the language of your employees.

The key to passive employee engagement is to make them fall in love with your company and develop processes before they even meet you. Revitalize your communications strategy. Talking about your office culture and your team’s values ​​will be a powerful pull factor for your future employees, as well as making your potential clients feel more comfortable and included. Especially if they have similar values. The first approach always works because it is based on the principle of interconnection. Therefore, the language you use will be more personable and understandable to the people who resonate most with your message.

4. Reach out to candidates via an automated campaign on Linkedin.

LinkedIn is the best hiring tool, but using tools such as expandi.io or ulink you can save your time and set up automated email campaigns that come out to potential candidates who are commenting under relevant LinkedIn posts or applying to competition. These tools enable you to target comments and likes under certain posts, by automatically adding people to your network and even sending them an automated message informing them about an open opportunity at your office, and inviting them to apply.

via archdaily.com