Robotic automation has pioneered in various industries by reducing operating costs and improving product quality. Many organizations are now looking to move forward by improving the quality of employees’ work and supporting their growth ambitions. The future of robots replacing human jobs is not far off.

One such company led us to Amazon , which is investing heavily in advanced technology and robotics within its operations. This week, the company unveiled a new intelligent robotic system called Sparrow, a cutting-edge robot that handles millions of different items on Amazon.

Sparrow uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to process and recognize millions of items. In 2021, employees around the world were picking up and stacking more than 13 million parcels a day. “Robotics technology allows us to work smarter, not harder, to work efficiently and safely,” Amazon says. But the reality is that all employees who once handled such routine tasks will lose their jobs sooner or later.
However, customer-obsessed Amazon claims otherwise. The company says that the introduction and development of robotics and technology in their operations has created more than 700 new categories of jobs at the company-all because of “technology embedded in their operations.” The new roles claim that Amazon employs tens or thousands of people, which helps demonstrate the positive impact of technology and robotics on their workplace.

The Sparrow Effect.
Amazon said its new Sparrow robotic system will simplify the order fulfillment process by moving individual products before they are packaged. Moreover, this advancement will be an important technological advancement to support its employees.

The company said it has been at the forefront of innovation over the years, making significant investments in robotics and advanced technology within its operations. “Our dedicated teams of engineers, roboticists, software developers and other experts are developing solutions that allow us to automate core functions. “Cutting off its robotic arm
This new development also comes amid Amazon laying off employees from its robotics team. Last week, an anonymous source told AIM that Amazon had begun laying off employees from its Robotics team. A developer named Jamie Zhang expressed his shock over the decision in a LinkedIn post this week. Zhang worked with the AWS business to build Continuous Deployment (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines.