In the wake of Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset launch, the tech giant has revealed an extensive accessory lineup, with the full kit costing a staggering $1041. The base price of the Apple Vision Pro headset starts at $3499 for the 256GB model, reaching $3899 for the 1TB version, with an additional $499 for Apple Care Plus.

The accessory lineup includes:

  1. Travel Case – $199: Crafted by Apple for on-the-go protection, featuring a retractable handle, battery compartments, ZEISS optical inserts, and space for additional accessories.
  2. Optional Battery – $199: A machined aluminum external battery providing up to two hours of general use, 2.5 hours of video playback, and a full day online.
  3. ZEISS Optical Inserts – Starting at $99: Available in prescription and reading formats, enhancing the visual experience.
  4. Ultra Light Seal – $199: A light-blocking attachment with magnetic cushions for enhanced comfort and easy cleaning.
  5. Ultra-light Cushion – $29: Removable and cleanable cushions available in various sizes for personalized comfort.
  6. Belkin Battery Holder – $49.95: A holder designed for securing the Apple Vision Pro battery to your belt or pants.
  7. Optional Braided Strap – $99: The Solo Knit Band featuring cushioning, breathability, and adjustability for a secure fit.
  8. Optional Dual Loop Band – $99: Consisting of a top and bottom strap for added stability during use.
  9. Optional Charging Cable – $29: A two-meter braided design cable for charging, syncing, and data transfer between USB-C devices.
  10. Power Adapter – $39: Recommended for use with the Apple Vision Pro, supporting up to 240W charging.

While these accessories enhance the user experience, they come at a premium, showcasing Apple’s commitment to providing a customizable and luxurious VR experience. Additionally, Apple has introduced a repair support page, revealing that repairing a cracked protective glass could cost as much as $799 without Apple Care Plus, reinforcing the importance of opting for the additional coverage.

Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro have commenced, with a notable shipping date shift to mid-March due to overwhelming demand. Apple, known for underestimating demand, plans to deliver on its promise of a revolutionary spatial computer experience for users willing to invest in the future of virtual reality.