Meta is introducing new ways to make money on Facebook, as well as an update that allows authors to get paid faster.
Meta includes Stars for all publicly available Facebook content, including Reels, and runs events throughout the month to encourage users to buy Stars.
Meta also lowers the threshold that creators need to meet to receive their first payment. Here’s how these updates can lead to bigger and faster payouts.

Extending Stars to Facebook
Meta is extending Stars on Facebook as part of a limited test with select creators.
Creators in the test group will be eligible to receive stars for all publicly available content.

Stars are best described as a version of Facebook Bits or SuperChats YouTube. They are digital gifts that turn into real money for creators.

By extending Stars to all creator content, Meta aims to raise awareness of the digital gifting system.
To that end, Facebook is holding several events this month to help increase Stars purchases.

Stars Giving Season.
December is Stars gifting season on Facebook.
If you are a star-eligible author, look out for the following dates:

Bonus Stars Party : From December 7 through December 21, creators can receive bonus stars if they achieve their goals. Watch the Professional Dashboard for more information.
Stars Sale: Stars will be on sale from December 14 to January 4. The deal will be offered live, on-demand and on reels. Users can get stars at a discounted price, depending on how many they purchase.
Users can purchase seasonal virtual gifts for a limited time before the New Year. Facebook is testing themed gifts on several Reels themes, including pets, cars, fashion and dancing. Reduced payment threshold.
Facebook is lowering the payment threshold for U.S.-based authors from $100 to $25.

The new payment threshold will apply to revenue generated from Stars and Facebook subscriptions.

Meta will lower the payment threshold for additional Facebook monetization products in the coming weeks.
More limited tests.
Meta is running several tests on Facebook to increase revenue potential for platform creators.

The tests include:

Free Stars : Meta is giving some fans free stars they can submit to Facebook videos by eligible creators. Posting more clips will increase your chances of being included in the test.
Advertising on Facebook Reels : Meta continues to test ads on Facebook Reels with select creators around the world. Testing includes overlay ads placed directly on top as a banner, and ads that are shown after the reels are repeated.
Subscriptions : A meta adding new, easier ways for creators to promote Facebook subscriptions. Facebook Watch has a new “Subscribe” button, so viewers can subscribe while watching content. Finally, Meta is opening up live monetization agent help for creators in the U.S. with 10,000 subscribers or more.