Harman, the audio electronics powerhouse under Samsung’s ownership, has announced the acquisition of the Roon audio platform. Roon stands out as a versatile platform that allows seamless music playback across multiple devices in different rooms, transcending brand barriers.

Harman, synonymous with renowned audio brands like AKG, dbx, JBL, and Soundcraft, operates globally and has been under Samsung’s umbrella since 2017. The acquisition signifies the integration of Roon’s capabilities into Samsung headphones and smartphones, further enriching the audio experience for consumers.

Dave Rogers, President of the Lifestyle Division at Harman, expressed that the deal aligns with the company’s mission to “create exceptional sound quality” for partners and consumers on a global scale. The synergy between Harman’s expertise and Roon’s innovative platform is poised to redefine audio experiences in the tech landscape.

Enno Vandermeer, CEO of Roon, sees the acquisition as a game-changer, providing Roon with the scale, resources, and global reach of a technology leader. Despite being part of the Harman family, Roon will maintain its independence, allowing it to invest in its growth and future endeavors.

Crucially, the collaboration will extend beyond Roon, with Harman sharing its proficiency in data management and consumer engagement with all partners, including Samsung Mobile. This cross-pollination of expertise is anticipated to foster innovation and elevate the audio capabilities across a spectrum of devices.

As Harman continues to evolve under Samsung’s stewardship, the acquisition of Roon positions the conglomerate as a driving force in shaping the future of audio technology. Consumers can expect a harmonious blend of cutting-edge innovation and top-tier audio quality as Harman and Roon embark on this collaborative journey.