Search Engine Optimization

You should optimize your online presence – website, blog, social media accounts, aggregation platforms, etc. – so that when your potential customers want to find something on the Internet, they are more likely to turn their attention to you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to send qualified leads to your landing page. While you can distribute the content for free, you can add calls to action anywhere on the page to request their contact information in exchange for more relevant information such as an ebook, reports, or white papers.


If you feel like you’re not ready to start content marketing on external platforms just yet, consider starting a blog. Create blog posts for the keywords your potential customers are searching for and you can drive organic traffic from multiple search engines.

Media marketing

Social media platforms are a great way to build followers by sharing helpful content and then guiding them to relevant actions. You can promote your offerings and even include a call to action in your bio, headline, or posts.


Informative webinars that answer customer questions are a good way to make more personal connections and reach potential customers. If potential clients find your webinar helpful, they should be ready to share their contact details at the end of the webinar.