To stay ahead of your competition, you need to improve and adapt your site’s SEO campaign every year. Here are some actual ways to do it:

Optimize your site.

• Replace clunky and cluttered designs with crisp, web-optimized images.

• Remove unnecessary code and scripts.

• Use content formats that make it easy to scan a web page.

Create longer and better content.

• Dividing content into clearly defined sections allows readers to quickly find the information they need.

• Articles are standard forms of content, but in most cases, video can be a more effective way to communicate.

• You can analyze your old content and see how you can use your new ideas to update it, whether it’s repositioning keywords, updating ideas, or choosing a better format.

Track your website traffic.

Website traffic is the number of visits and engagement to your website. For example, knowing which posts are successful tells you what works. Knowing which posts don’t work is an opportunity to experiment.