Zoom Workplace brings communication, employee engagement, spaces, and productivity solutions together on a single platform with Zoom AI Companion capabilities woven throughout.

Today, dispersed teams and disconnected collaboration tools have created unwanted complexity — in the form of more meetings, siloed communication channels, and information overload. A 2023 Morning Consult report commissioned by Zoom revealed that more than half of knowledge workers spend at least a few times a week on time-consuming tasks like sharing notes and action items with colleagues, and according to Opentext, 80% of global workers experience information overload.

All that time spent in the name of collaboration can paradoxically get in the way of effective teamwork, reduce meaningful connection with our colleagues, and hamper engagement at work. To address this collaboration paradox, businesses need to reimagine how their teams communicate and collaborate. We’re here to meet that need — with Zoom Workplace.

Zoom Workplace is our AI-powered collaboration platform designed to help your organization reimagine teamwork by streamlining communications, increasing employee engagement, optimizing in-person time, and improving productivity across flexible work. It’s everything you trust and love about Zoom’s core communications products, combined with our employee engagement, spaces, and productivity solutions, all within the Zoom experience, with AI woven throughout.

Zoom Workplace elevates the experience with Zoom AI Companion seamlessly included at no additional cost*, enabling your employees to be more productive, collaborate better, enhance their skills, and unlock time savings — without you having to pay a premium for generative AI or needing to pick who gets generative AI superpowers.

As an open platform, Zoom Workplace enables choice and empowers customers to create seamless experiences with our APIs, SDKs, and over 2,500 integrations in the Zoom App Marketplace, including integrations with Microsoft, Google, and others.

Streamline collaboration and teamwork with a single AI-powered platform

What if you could combine all the separate communication and collaboration tools you use throughout your workday, on a single platform? That’s the power of Zoom Workplace. It consolidates the number of disparate apps you use in a day, helping to create productivity gains and reduce silos by unifying how you collaborate, communicate, and share information fluidly across chat, phone, video, email, and more. Zoom Workplace will connect our platform in ways you haven’t experienced before, as AI Companion helps you prepare for your workday, communicate more seamlessly before, during, and after meetings, collaborate on a whiteboard in Team Chat, and more. Here’s what that will look like.

New features

Zoom Workplace is powered by Zoom AI Companion. It’s an AI assistant that will help boost productivity during the workday with high-quality, accurate results. Zoom notes that the AI Companion was transcribed with 95% accuracy and it produced results that were four times faster than the web version of ChatGPT-4.

– Ask AI Companion will create materials to prepare for rallies, create agendas, and generate ideas.

– Zoom Team Chat will appear – a place where you can create channel groups and share them with colleagues, simultaneously work in whiteboard and chat.

– New collaborative editing and permission management capabilities for Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive

– Smart name badges that will allow other meeting participants to see a person’s name in Zoom Room.

– Updated AI for Zoom Phone. It will summarize meetings and retrieve key information from voicemail and SMS messages.

– More features will be introduced to the Workquivo platform that Zoom acquired last year. It will broadcast important updates, news and events to employees on devices certified by Zoom for Zoom Rooms.

With these advancements, Zoom Workplace is poised to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and communicate, ushering in a new era of seamless productivity and engagement in the workplace.