LinkedIn reports that the number of creator-related job postings has tripled since last year.

A new report from LinkedIn shows that job postings have tripled for creators as brands invest in new ways to boost collaboration.

Growing demand for creatives is fueling a whole ecosystem of new jobs,” LinkedIn says.

In addition to hiring creators themselves, companies are hiring for administrative and support roles such as management creator, education creator, partnership creator and more.

Job opportunities in maker countries are greatest in the technology and information sectors. Social platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are some of the most used by businesses hiring creators.

The second largest sector for creator-related jobs is advertising services, indicating that companies are looking for new ways to spread their messages online.

Here’s the full list of the top ten industries with the most open creator jobs.

Top Ten Industries for Creator Jobs
The following list is ranked based on the number of paid U.S. job postings on LinkedIn with “maker” in the job title between January and May 2021 and 2022.

LinkedIn ranks industries according to the number of job postings that year.

Technology & Information
Advertising Services.
Staffing and recruiting
E-learning providers
IT services and IT consulting
Music Groups and Artists
Media and telecommunications
Retail apparel and fashion
Computer and electronics manufacturing
Food and beverage products
You may notice that the growth of maker jobs is not limited to image-oriented industries such as fashion, travel, restaurants and others.

Multiple industries are now looking for creative talent to help produce content for social media.

Today’s web users are growing up with apps like TikTok as a search engine. They want to consume information quickly and in video format.

Companies are responding to demand by releasing their own short vertical videos for sharing on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

The growing demand for creators to produce said content is consistent with the shift in search behavior we reported on last month.

The brands that adapt quickly to these changes are the ones that will maintain their influence with the next generation of consumers.

If you are currently in the job market or want to add value to your current position, learning a few creative skills to add to your resume can help you stand out.