Multinational IT company Oracle on Wednesday launched Oracle Alloy to bring the power of the cloud to the masses. The new offering will allow organizations to become cloud providers offering Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)-based services to their customers.

With the new cloud infrastructure platform, organizations such as financial institutions or telecommunications providers can offer cloud services to meet the specific needs of industry verticals. The platform can be used independently in their own data centers and fully control their operations to help meet specific regulatory requirements.Oracle Vice President, India Technology (Cloud) Kapil Makhija said, “In India, we have seen a massive wave of cloud adoption, where it has become almost synonymous with innovation for organizations across all sectors. However, as businesses understand the cloud, it also comes with different needs and specifications depending on the market or vertical they exist.”

Various service providers, integrators and ISVs are partnering with OCI to deliver applications tailored to specific industries, markets and government environments. The company says Oracle Alloy will allow them to become cloud providers and innovate faster with more control and customization. At Oracle, we recognize this and are committed to providing the highest level of control and choice to our customers, That’s why we’re bringing a revolutionary product in the form of Oracle Alloy,” Mahija added.

The platform will offer the same 100+ infrastructure and services platforms that are available in OCI’s public cloud. As a result, partners can go to market with a pre-integrated hardware and software platform deployed in their own data centers.
David Wood commented on the Accenture Cloud First Global Strategy, “We are very pleased that Oracle is offering its partners and customers the ability to continue to manage and customize cloud resources, which will provide greater access to public cloud innovation across the cloud continuum. Accelerating cloud adoption as well as supporting our customers’ unique industry and regulatory needs will create new types of business value.”