Personalization is key to reaching online audiences, but personalized ads to reach Gen Z has been playing a crucial role lately. According to a study by Unsupervised, which uses AI solutions, 81% of Gen Zers said they enjoy personalized ads. Generation Z may be more interested in personalized advertising than older generations: people who grew up around smartphones, “zoomers”, may be more familiar with how digital marketing can use granular data to improve the experience.

For example, YouTube ads are the least popular among Generation Z because its regular ads lack the element of personalization. The top digital channel among those where respondents “trust ads the most” was Instagram, which proved to be ideal for personalized ads.

Personalizing ads is also important because the consumer can easily opt-out of ads altogether. 81% of respondents are ready to abandon a platform with ads they don’t like, and more than half of respondents use an ad blocker or paid subscription that disables ads.