With a growing demand for digital advertising and a deeper level of consumer engagement, the role of the influencer will grow in 2022.

New content-maker-focused services like TikTok are allowing influencers to grow their audience and thus get more promotional offers. However, the influencer is primarily interested in the audience, which wants to follow him, not the brand he represents.

There are opinions that in the future the consumer will pay for content directly to the influencer, as a result of which a long-term relationship between him and the advertiser will become more relevant. Such cases already exist, because One-off posts are now recognized merely as advertising rather than influencer marketing.

Moreover, an influencer can simply place a link to the advertised product in the content description and his audience will follow it and make a purchase as a result.

One way or another, influencers have great prospects shortly, because the demand for digitalization of marketing is growing due to the pandemic.

via econsultancy.com