SpaceX has introduced the third generation of the Starlink terminal, boasting a sleeker design by eliminating the motor for position adjustment, replaced by a stand. Initially available to a select group in the United States, this new terminal is lighter, thinner, and more user-friendly.

The latest Starlink terminal incorporates a 10% wider field of view, enhancing its connectivity capabilities. Notably, SpaceX has improved its resilience against external elements, upgrading the protection rating to a robust IP67, allowing it to withstand submersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

SpaceX’s installation guide suggests users utilize their smartphones to locate the nearest satellite and manually position the terminal using the provided stand. The third-generation Starlink terminal targets residential users, catering to everyday internet applications such as streaming, video calling, and online gaming.

Contained in the package are essentials for a seamless online experience, including the Starlink terminal, kickstand, third-generation router, Starlink cable (15m), AC cable (1.5m), and a power supply (1.5m). The device’s electronic phased array antenna and software-based manual orientation offer adaptability.

Accompanying the terminal is the Starlink WiFi router, designed with 802.11 a/b/g/g/n/ac/ax technology, boasting a tri-band radio with MU-MIMO, two Ethernet LAN ports, and a coverage range of up to 297m². The accompanying power supply features a durable build with an IP66 rating for external protection.

SpaceX’s latest Starlink terminal marks a significant stride toward enhancing satellite internet accessibility, setting the stage for a more connected and technologically advanced future.