Tesla has implemented a stringent resale policy, banning buyers from selling their Cybertrucks within the first year without explicit authorization. Termed the “Cybertruck Only” clause, Tesla’s updated sales agreement warns of a hefty $50,000 fine or the resale value, whichever is greater, for violators.

Tesla’s revamped car ordering agreement allows the company to seek an injunction preventing the transfer of ownership or impose a substantial fine on those found in breach of the resale provision. Additionally, individuals flouting these rules could face exclusion from future Tesla purchases.

While Tesla acknowledges the potential for exceptions, buyers seeking to sell their Cybertrucks within the first year must obtain written consent. If approved, Tesla offers two options: a buyback at a reduced price, factoring in mileage at $0.25 per mile, depreciation, and repair costs, or permission to sell to a third-party buyer.

Notably, Tesla’s Cybertruck, set for limited initial deliveries, won’t enter mass production until 2024. The company’s stringent resale restrictions aim to discourage opportunistic resellers seeking to capitalize on the exclusivity of the rare vehicle.

Tesla’s move underscores its commitment to maintaining control over the resale market and preserving the unique status of the Cybertruck. As the electric automaker continues to innovate and set new industry standards, this latest policy adds an extra layer of protection for both the brand and the select group of customers set to receive the highly sought-after Cybertruck in its initial release.