At the Tesla AI Day 2022 event, the company showed unfinished prototypes of its first-ever humanoid robot, codenamed “Tesla Bot. The robot is designed to perform human-like tasks, such as carrying groceries, and is intended to help reduce the need for physical labor in industries such as manufacturing.

During the presentation, Elon Musk noted that the Tesla Bot is still in the early stages of development and will not be available for purchase for at least a few years. However, he stressed that the company’s goal is to create a robot that can perform the “boring, repetitive, and dangerous” tasks that humans currently perform, freeing people to focus on more creative and rewarding work.

The Tesla Bot is designed to be 5 feet 8 inches tall and will be equipped with cameras, sensors and other technology that will allow it to navigate its environment and perform tasks. It will be powered by the Tesla Full Self-Driving computer currently used in the company’s electric cars.

Tesla’s announcement of the Tesla Bot underscores the company’s commitment to developing robotics and automation technology. It also highlights the potential impact of such technology on industries such as manufacturing, logistics and transportation.

Despite the excitement surrounding the announcement, some experts have expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with the use of humanoid robots. Musk acknowledged these concerns during the presentation, but stressed that Tesla is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of its robots.

Overall, the Tesla Bot presentation represents a significant milestone in the development of robotics and automation technology and demonstrates that Tesla continues to strive to change the way we live and work.