Here are some tips for creating a balanced content marketing strategy that will help you generate leads and ultimately turn them into buyers.

1) When creating content, be guided by a specific goal

The main goal of any program is to make available the right set of content that resonates with your target audience. During the content planning process, set goals and objectives for your content, as well as content topics that your organization will focus on during the marketing cycle.

2) Your decisions should be based on your data

To make sure your content will help achieve the strategic goals you set during your planning process, you need a way to measure the effectiveness of your content. Develop a content scorecard for each of your marketing campaigns that lists key performance indicators (KPIs) to track.

3) Content must comply with the KPI

Market trends and technologies are changing, which can eventually make previously top-performing content irrelevant. To increase the popularity of relevant content and remove irrelevant or low-quality content from your website, use the content lifecycle management process to evaluate existing content at least once a year.