Google’s new experiment will improve advertisers’ recognition among users.

Darcy Burk, CEO of Burk Digital Factory, noticed that there is a pizza emoji next to the Uber Eats link. He did not understand how this was possible, because according to Google’s Advertising policy, emoji in a link can not be used.

How is this possible? Uber Eats manage to get that pizza emoji in its Google Ads Especially considering that the ad directly below has a generic favicon?

He shared this question on Twitter and received an answer from Ginny Marvin, Google’s ads product liaison, that what he sees is not an emoji, but a favicon.

“This is part of a series of small experiments to help users more easily identify the brand or advertiser associated with the Search ads they may see for a given query,” – Marvin says.

According to Marvin, this eye-catching detail will be available to all advertisers in the future.