CEO Patrick Dossett offers a mental health lesson from his health company and his first career as a Navy SEAL.

Mentality is a powerful tool. Madefor’s CEO, Patrick Dossett, learned this lesson during his nine years in the US Navy as a “SEAL”. Of the 220 people who had joined him in the famous hard basic diving/diving training, those in whom he was confident that they would graduate – the largest, fastest and strongest – had left by the sixth week. By the end, only 17 people remained, including Dosset. To his surprise, the band looked “rather unobtrusive”.

“You couldn’t get them out of the crowd,” said Dossett Bee Dixon, founder of the women’s care brand The Honey Pot. They spoke in a recent interview as part of the exclusive streaming event Inc. ” It just impressed me on the role that mindset plays in performance”.

As an entrepreneur, Dossett adheres to this mantra. His company Madefor instills the same attention to its members, who live in 46 countries. Dossett co-founded a 10-month wellness program in 2018 with Toms shoe founder Blake Mykoski. Its app-free kit, which comes by mail, aims to form sustainable habits based on small, conscious changes such as moisturizing and movement.

Madefor’s step-by-step approach to mental health is the first step for founders who are looking for balance. Entrepreneurship can take their strength away. Burnout is one of the biggest problems that small business owners face. According to a recent survey conducted by Capital One, almost half of them reported experiencing burnout in the last month. Dossette himself is no stranger to this feeling. “You never feel at the top,” he says.

“Some days you’re on top of the world,” he said. ” The next hour, something changes, and you think, “The sky is falling. It’s never gonna work”. “

When there are moments of doubt, remember that success does not come by big leaps, he said, but rather by small steps. While business owners need to remember how much time they have, Dossett said, part of the right thinking is accepting uncertainty. Dosset had to learn that in the army.

“You’ll never have perfect information,” he said. ” The best “possible” you can get is more than 50 percent confidence”.