YouTube’s weekly update for creators includes more subscriber figures and access to an expanded library of copyrighted music.

Here’s a summary of all the announcements from this week’s news.

More access to copyrighted music
YouTube is expanding its partnership with music labels and publishers to give creators more music options for their videos.

As a result, creators will have access to more copyrighted content while earning revenue from their videos.

Before this update, including copyrighted music would have disqualified videos from monetization.

YouTube is building and testing this update with a limited set of creators and will have more information to share in the coming months.
New metric: Subscribers From Posts
Creators can now see how many subscribers they get from public posts.

You can see this new metric in the subscription report in YouTube Analytics.

In the future, YouTube hopes to add subscriber metrics for posts.

More remix data.
If you’ve enabled the option to allow other creators to remix your content, you can now get more information about those remixes in YouTube Analytics.

With this enhancement, you’ll see the following metrics:

Total number of remix views.
Top 15 remixes on mobile
Top 15 remixes on desktop
Changes to YouTube Studio’s video editor
YouTube is making changes to the video editor in YouTube Studio. The trim feature gets an update to make cutting videos more intuitive.

The following updates will be uploaded to YouTube Studio on the desktop this week:

A new cut section that allows you to edit grainy time.
Color coding and wider edges on the trim and cut features so they’re easier to grab.
Easier access to preview and editing features.